Hospitality is at the heart of Europe – let’s continue our work for its recovery and growth

Recovery and growth

For jobs, heritage and community, Europe needs a plan to support a vibrant and sustainable hospitality sector and supply chain.

Working in partnership

This can only be achieved by business, governments and the European institutions working together in close partnership.

Our Five Pledges

  Listen to and support the hospitality sector however we can, as key value chain partners

Help the sector to get the support from policymakers it needs

Champion ‘safe socialising’ that recognises the unique nature of hospitality settings

Develop with all stakeholders smart, sustainable recovery and growth solutions

#WeStandReady, count us in!

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Hospitality should be at the heart of the national recovery plans

"The national plans should focus on reforms and investments that will generate the most lasting impact. Placing the hospitality and tourism sectors at the heart of national recovery and resilience plans will therefor be essential, and we encourage member states to involve these sectors in the design, implementation and monitoring of the recovery plans." 


Nicolas Schmit - EU Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights
Nicolas Schmit

EU Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights

Our advocacy - Two minute read:

Ulrich Adam - Director General of spiritsEUROPE
Ulrich Adam

Director General of spiritsEUROPE

For nearly two years, hospitality and tourism have been struggling. 

We pledge our support, now and in the future, to find sustainable solutions for the recovery, growth and resilience of the hospitality industry.

We commit to working with all partners - from business, government and the European Institutions - to achieve these goals.

So we say: We stand ready, count us in!

spiritsEUROPE proudly represents 29 spirits producers' national associations alongside 10 leading multinational companies from across Europe.